Our mission is to provide English as a Second Language training, resulting in more efficient, effective and sustainable communication between peers, supervisors, your clients, customers and the community.  

ESL Unlimited
provides affordable, customized solutions to solving the communication challenges that naturally occur with a diverse, non-native English speaking employee base.

Our workplace program is based on the award-winning Ronna Timpa's Workplace ESL Solutions (workplaceesl.com), Las Vegas. With their outstanding success and proven track record, their student books, CD and training will empower your employees to maximize their unlimited potential.

We optimize employee performance.

When your employees' English improves, your company's bottom line improves.

ESL Unlimited is genuinely passionate about helping your employees achieve and succeed in the workplace.

Bringing passion for what we do into the classroom results in engaged and excited students, producing better results for the students and for your company.

 Contact:  Audrey Himelhoch    •    617-913-7117    •    email: ajhimels@gmail.com

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