ESL Unlimited conducts one-on-one or group classes for those who are interested in reaching their professional and personal potential through improved English language skills and greater confidence. 

How ESL Unlimited does it

  • ESL Unlimited conducts a needs assessment to determine exactly where your communication challenges are.
  • We customize curriculum designed specifically to solve those challenges.
  • We train at your workplace or at another agreed upon location for your convenience - even on Saturday.

ESL Unlimited's trainers

  • TEFL certification, Masters degree or Teaching degree
  • Energetic, enthusiastic & experienced
  • Dedicated to ESL Unlimited's mission statement, everyday.

Why ESL Unlimited?
  • When the English of your employees improves, your company's bottom line improves.
  • We optimize employee performance. 
  • ESL Unlimited guides your employees on a path to benefit from their unlimited potential. 
  • Students’ confidence soars.
  • Flexible schedules - we accommodate YOUR employees' needs - even on SATURDAY.

      Contact:  Audrey Himelhoch    •    617-913-7117    •    email: ajhimels@gmail.com

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